World Athletics Championships London 2017, superhumans do exist!

One of the most important sporting events before the Olympic Games is the world athletics championships held every two years. The 2017 edition took place in London and ended just a few days ago. One of the highlights was the farewell of Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, one of the best running athletes in recent times, which is undoubtedly going right to a great spot in history.


But besides that, we had some exciting events and the theory that human super do exist. In this edition participated 2038 athletes from 205 countries who left some marks that are worth mentioning.

The top 5 medal of this sporting event where you compete to see who is the fastest in a variety of tests ended up like this:


  1. United States: 30 medals (10 gold)
  2. Kenya: 11 medals (5 gold)
  3. South Africa: 6 medals (3 gold)
  4. France: 5 medals (3 gold)
  5. China: 7 medals (2 gold).


The surprise of this edition was Jamaica, which usually tends be in the top positions of the medals table (they only took three silver medals and one gold). The United States meanwhile continued its good performance in sporting events of this type. They led the table from start to finish.

One of the main characteristics which was emphasized in this edition was doping. Organizers aimed to a cleaner world athletics and strict controls. According to the president of the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) it was one of the “most competitive and compelling editions of all time”.

But of course, a separate paragraph goes to the retirement of an athletics legend such as Usain Bolt. The last performance of the Jamaican had an expected bittersweet taste. He participated in the 4×100 relay event and in the 100 meters flat where he got a third place in 9.95 seconds, which was close the first place as the winner Justin Gatlin clocked a time of 9.92 seconds.

Thus, the competition became the announced farewell of Bolt who had also recently suffered the death of his friend Germaine Mason, which brought even more emotion to the race. Between applauses and some booing to Gatlin (especially in the moment of the awarding) Usain said goodbye still holding the world record in the 100 meters (9.58), 8 Olympic titles and 11 world titles.

Finally, one of the most remarkable surprises was the Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie who took third place in pole vault event. The athlete was a clear favorite (despite its recent poor performances) and had settle for little, being very close to finally become a world champion after Rio 2016 final loss.


With collaboration of Blas Isaguirre, @paginaenblanco

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