Friter, burgers and wings! A day in Legends Sport Bar

What about some comfort food like burgers after a long day? No matter whether you are on vacations, enjoying all attractions in Riviera Maya or leaving the office after having achieved all your goals, some comfort food is always the best to get over.

If you are wondering what you can do in Playa del Carmen, here I will leave you an unmissable place for meeting legends and sports. So, if you are a soccer or football fan, this is your place. Legends sport bar is just some blocks away your hotel, in the heart of Quinta Avenida. This is a sanctuary of sports passion, like screaming out loud… touchdown!!!

Besides, it has the most succulent wings and burgers in all Playa del Carmen and an incomparable atmosphere. When you arrive, you will feel legendary souls and characters to be so close that you will seem to be in the field with them.

Now, what’s a legend?

In sports and competition world, a legend might be any person who stands out, whose exploits have been so impressive that they’ve been awarded with a place in history books. However, in Legends Sport Bar, we believe that legends are everywhere; like in our visitors, for instance.

Our concept highlights the ideals of family and friendship. As a matter of fact, we love when a parent comes with their children to watch a match of their favorite team. Family smiles and passionate screams simply make anyone get goosebumps.

Another touching scene happens when a group of friends or a couple meet to spend a gorgeous time. In this case, smiles and laughs are today’s specials and even more, when they rejoin to celebrate special events like the victory of their favorite team.

It doesn’t matter the reason of your visit, for us there will always be a place set in our table for you. The best food of our chefs and all legendary attitude are waiting for you.

Remember! You are also a legend and Legends Sport Bar is your house in Quinta Avenida in Playa del Carmen.

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