What dish would you choose to side while you watch your favorite team?

Picture this: you are on vacations in Playa del Carmen and in one of the days, your favorite team has a big game coming you don’t want to miss. The Solution? LEGENDS SPORTS BAR. There you’ll enjoy a unique and friendly environment, surrounded by sport!

A final detail to check before the big moment of truth: what will you eat to pass the anxiety?

In Legends Sports Bar, you’ll find a great variety of recipes thought for those who enjoy sports with good food.

Chicken, salads, burgers thought for different teams, such us the New York Yankees Burger, Dallas Burger, Los Santos Laguna Burger, Dream Team Burger, Manchester United Burger, all of them sided with fries and dressing, giving an exquisite taste to each of them, a great culinarian experience.

Las mejores BBQ Burgers de Playa Del Carmen y la Riviera Maya.


Do you want to taste something different? Choose a Chicken sandwich with cheese or hot dogs. Are you craving them? There’s more.

Chicken wings sided with everything you’d need, meat wraps, nachos, spaghetti a la Bolognese, and the famous fish and chips. Every goal scored will be even more special with this dishes!

What you shouldn’t miss? Mexican food! Fajitas, tacos, quesadillas, burritos, sauce and spice.

And if your team wins, you deserve a good dessert: cheesecake, chocolate volcano or ice cream.

You have all the information you’ll need. You only have to come to Legends Sports Bar and enjoy. What dish would you choose?

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