The worst NFL plays during the 2016’ season

The NFL is one of the biggest thrilling leagues in the world. Every year finale, known as the Super Bowl, becomes an event that gets records in the audience all over the world. Even though it’s not a sport very popular around the globe, the American Football is a game that involves action and strategy.


During the 2016’ season of the National Football League, the Patriots became champions during a thrilling game against the Falcons of Atlanta, which was decided last minute. But beyond the great scores, the challenging games and the spectacular drills of the quarterbacks, season 2016 left us with some moves that deserve to be noticed in this article, and those are the worst NFL plays in the 2016’ season. Even though some would rather forget them!



Shaun Draughn in San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Mariners

The first one involves two teams of the west coast. During the Seattle Mariners vs San Francisco 49ers, a mistake in the reception of a throw, that receptor Shaun Draughn, clumsily let fall to the ground.


Alshon Jeffery in Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears

Another forgettable play happened during the first half of the season, during a game between the Vikings and the Bears. Here, another dangerous play for the Bears that, in a spectacular sprint of Alshon Jeffery could have achieved a touchdown. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, the ball hit his head, got tackled by the Vikings and lost the ball.


Lachlan Edwards in Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets

The last of the worst NFL plays during the 2016’ season has to do with a defense mistake. Defense is always a difficult subject when you have to plan and execute successfully. Generally, a little mistake of a defense player can become a touchdown of the other team. This was the case with the New York Jets, when the ball landed near the score zone, they left it to bounce and gave the advantage to the Ravens that didn’t miss the opportunity to score the almost given touchdown.

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