The MLB start their season and promises thrilling emotions

A new season of the MLB (Major League Baseball) is among us since the last 2nd of April. The regular season of this year started with three games where the Yankees of New York lost against the Tampa Bay Rays, 7 to 3. In the same date, the Arizona D-backs defeated the Giants while the Cardinals from St Louis did their thing against the Cubs from Chicago.

The action will keep going the whole month until the end of the season, the first of October. Then will start the post season and the finale of the world series is planned to take place the second of October, with the potential seventh game the first of November. So, prepare yourself some spicy chicken wings or go to your sports bar to enjoy the best of the MLB

After last year’s Chicago’s Cubs win, for the first time in history, the 2017 season promises incredible emotions and many surprises that you’ll be able to enjoy game after game. That’s why you’ll need to be informed to know what is coming in this passionate League of Baseball. Here we show you what you need to know in this start of the season for the MLB 2017.


The Cubs are the favorites to the World Series

Even though during the preseason, the Cubs made some moves, definitely this season won’t change the score that the last got them. That’s why the team will be the same, with a Kyle Schwarber healed and ready to face what is coming. But beyond the favoritism for the Cubs, the Red Sox from Boston won’t be left behind and are also true candidates to take the gold. During the preseason the team from Boston got the incorporation of Chris Sal, a new key player for the team now. That added to the rest of the group, will make them serious contenders to the title.

The Giants got a new pitcher and Chapman came back to New York

The 2016 season saw the Giants get very close to winning against the Cubs in the playoffs if only their pitcher could take their stress off them. That’s why this season they decided to invest in a 62 million dollar contract to sign Mark Melancon. On the other hand, the closer Aroldis Chapman came back to the Yankees as a free agent and with a 86 million dollar contract for five years. This news became controversial among the fans, seeing as seems a lot of money spent on a team that won’t compete for this 2017.

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