Super Bowl LI, the most relevant

A few days ago, the Super Bowl finale delighted us with its magic and thrill that only an NFL finale can give us. But even now, we can’t stop thinking about the way the New England Patriots beat the Falcons from Atlanta. Only a few around the world didn’t get the memo of this news because the Super Bowl LI became a trending topic all over the world on Twitter and other digital platforms. All this without mentioning the airing on TV and the post-analysis of the game that flooded with material every media in the world.

But if by chance you are one of the few that missed the action, here you have the most relevant information about the Super Bowl LI, 51th edition, a legendary finale. Find out everything about the teams, coaches, players, the best moves and the traditional half time show.

There is still a lot of debate about which team deserved to win or if the final score related to how each team played. The final score was 34 to 28 with the advantage of the Patriots on the additional time. Here comes the question if the Patriots won the game or if the Falcons did everything they could to lose it. Both teams with star players as Tom Brady and Matt Ryan, and the hard work each member of the team did make it for a tight score. But in the end, as Malcom Butler, a Patriots player, said, “you can only do two things: win or lose”. At the end, the score is all it counts.

Another big moment of the Super Bowl LI was the half-time show, which always gives something to talk about. This is the most cherish moment for the advertisers, because of the levels of the audience reached. This one was met with the performance of the singer Lady Gaga. The show begun with a mash-up of “God Bless America” and “This Island is your land”. After that, Gaga mixed her best songs like “Poker Face”, “Born this way” and “Bad Romance”, among others. What stood out in this show were the drones used to make the American flag, alongside a big show of lights.

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