Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of the most ancient traditions in the world. Born in the Celtic era, All Hollows Eve represents the return of souls and spirits to the Living-ones World. Despite its origins aren’t as fun as the modern celebration; today it has become a clear representation of hullabaloo.

Legend says that on October 31st the wall between the world of the living and the world of the dead get broken, allowing spirits to come into our world for a night. Unfortunately, some other entities beyond human souls can come as well and play some tricks. To avoid them, people must get costume like them. It will make them think that they have never left their realm.

Druid tradition provided this advice, they used to follow it when warding demons off their villages after the Harvest Festival, which was considered as a time to worship Samhain, the god of dead, and ask him for protection and providence.  During the festival, barriers were believed to become broken, allowing demons to visit our world. Then Celtics and Druids wore animal furs to protect their towns and make them go. Ritual is supposed to only last a night. So, next morning, everything would have come back to normality.

As time went by, this tradition become reformed. After being mixed with Cristian and Native-American practices, Halloween, we all know, born.  Even if children seem to enjoy more the festivities, adults aren’t excluded from having some fun.

Aren’t horror houses and costume parties wonderful experiences?

If they are, don’t overthink it. Join the Festivities!

Restaurants, Night Clubs and Bars in Playa del Carmen do their best to create the ultimate Halloween experience. However, no one gather the legendary horrors better than Legends Sport Bar. Imagine how can we call ourselves the house of legends without honoring Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolves or witches?

Don’t hesitate! Visit us on October 31st to celebrate together all sports and horror legends in Legends Sport Bar Playa del Carmen. Don’t forget to bring your costume, just in case a not so friendly spirit visits us.

Happy Halloween Legends!

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