New NFL Legends!

Talent is believed to be ageless and these guys demonstrate it. Despite their youngness, they are already active members of a NFL team and have the potential to become new legends of the hall of fame.

Who are they? Keep on reading to discover it.

  1. Kirk Cousins

He recently signed up a 3-season contract with Michigan Vikings for $84 million dollar, which is the better paid contract ever done by the NFL.

He debuted against the San Francisco 49ers, running 244 yards, doing two touchdowns and achieving a 24 – 16 victory.

  1. Andrew Norwell

Although his career began in high school, Norwell stood out in college. Thanks to his achievements, in 2014 he was a borderline NFL player.

As Cousins, last March 15th, he signed up a 5- year and 65.5 million contract with Jacksonville Jaguars, making him be the best paid defense of all league.

  1. Allen Robinson

Robinson’s career started at a very young age, he was just 21 when he played with the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he developed his skills as a major NFL receiver. In 2017, after being victim of an accident, he missed the season.

Then, in 2018, the Jaguars let him go find new horizons. Horizon which wasn’t that far. 2 weeks later, he found himself signing up a new contract with the Chicago Bears.

  1. Kyle Fuller

A cornerback who never left but came back. Fuller began his career with the Chicago Bears in 2014. This year, after having placed a 12 971 million dollars transitional tag on him, Chicago bears were able to match a Green bay Packers 56- million offering and keep its wonderful cornerback.

  1. Sheldon Richardson

A feared defense. Mr. Richardson disappointingly played with New York Jets. They committed a huge mistake by trusting all their defense on him. Even if his beginnings weren’t the best, when he was transferred to Seattle, he achieved to be renowned as a major defensive tackle.

  1. Sammy Watkins

An up – and – coming player? Since he began playing in the NFL, his skills to become an elite receiver ware crystal-clear. However; due to a plenty of lesions, his talent hasn’t had the chance to be noticed. Today, he struggles to show his potential to be in the hall of fame.

Undoubtedly, National Football League new-players generation has wonderful chances to become legends. If you want to follow their path to success, why not doing it in the best bar in Playa del Carmen.

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