Mexico, location of the World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic is the equivalent to the World Cup to the fans of this sport.

It’s played every four years and in different locations all over the world. The best teams in the world compete for the world title. Even though it was born as an American Tournament, in time got an international value and other locations begun to play too.

2017 edition, the fourth in general, has many settings, among them, are Japan, South Korea, US and Mexico.

This will be the second time that Mexico is one of the hosts of the event, the first one during 2009 and the Sun Forum was the stage to the tournament that crowned Japan for the second time as a champion against South Korea. Venezuela and US got the third and fourth place.

After that came the 2013 edition when the Dominican Republic got the world title against Puerto Rico, with an impressive performance of the Puerto Rican player, Robinson Canó. In that tournament, the teams playing were US, Japan, Puerto Rico and the Republic of China

In the 2017 edition, is the turn of Mexico, again. In the state of Jalisco, more than 1200 millions of viewers will enjoy the best of the world’s baseball leagues. Guadalajara gets to host the selection of Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Italy and themselves that during the 9 to 13 of March, lived the best plays on the stadium of Charros, located in Zapopan.

A great novelty in the celebration was the Fan Fest, to the fans that got to live the games in a special way. Here they could count on activities as interactive games, souvenirs sale and food and drinks. Beside the big screens where they could watch the games.

There’s still plenty of action to enjoy of the World Baseball Classic and there’s a long way to go until the final in the Dodger Stadium of L.A, California. So prepare your best snack and drink or watch it in a sports bar, and get ready for the best home runs, throws and catches.

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