March Madness Winner: The big finale

A new finale of the tournament of the NCAA of university basketball, better known as March Madness, came and went this past 3rd of April. To the final date of the championship, the battle was between the Tar Heels of North Carolina University and the Bulldogs of Gonzaga University. In a thrilling game that got every flavor for a finale, the Tar Heels showed their supremacy to get their sixth national title after a failed final in 2016.

The final score was 71 to 65 and left the Gonzaga’s Bulldogs far from what it could have been their first national title. The basketball team from this Jesuitical university in Spokane, Washington has competed in every March Madness edition for almost two decades, but this year they got one of the best teams to win the championship, losing only in the final.

On their part, the Tar Heels had to work hard to win this game because of some mistakes and failures in the second half. According to the declarations from Coach Roy Williams who explained “The game was pretty ugly. I don’t think either team play offense very well. The magnitude of this finale has to do with that”.

North Carolina accounted for 22 points from Joel Berry II of which 9 were from the line of three points. While the rest of Tar Heels had issues to score, their effectiveness was only 36%.

That difficulty to score was also suffered by Gonzaga who had only a 34% of effectiveness in a game that started very close to the score during the first part. As the clock went, the Zags from Gonzaga created an advantage over the Tar Heels.

But definitely, the story turned during the second half. The Heels scored consistently towards the finale of a game and turned very exciting. In the last quarter, with a close score, the gamblers were happy with an open end.

Towards the end of the night and missing only 2 minutes, the score was tied 65, but the Heels started to make very important points and defend correctly, making pauses where there had to be, letting them win the game and frustrating the chances of Gonzaga that deserved to win just as much as them by the end.

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