March Madness: The favorites of the tournament

March came back and for the basketball fans means one thing: March Madness. This tournament of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) decides every year which teams will be university champions in women and men basket. It a sports event with a lot of acceptance from the fans, so if you are a basketball junkie, prepare your favorite snack, and put some beers on the fridge because here we’ll see the favorites of the tournament.

The March Madness goes from the second week of March, first round begins on the 16 y 17, and with the finale on the 3rd of April. 64 universities teams challenge each other to get the cherished trophy.

This year’s favorites according to expert gamblers in Vegas are the Blue Devils of Dukes University, the Tar Heels, of North Carolina University and the Wildcats from the University of Villanova. No doubt watch a favorite as Duke can be weird and a surprise for some, seeing as in the last stages reached the fifth position with eight lost, but the impressive victories they got allowed them get into the regular phase and puts them as serious contenders for the national title.

In the other hand, the Tar Heels of North Carolina have the exact same chances of staying with the big finale even though they lost the last game of the regular series against the Blue Devils of Duke 93 to 83. They also count with the support of the committee that sees them as the clear favorites, not caring about their lost against Duke. The southern count with the scores from Justin Jackson and the rebounds from Kennedy Meeks, both with a great performance this season.

And last but not least, we have the Wildcats from Villanova, They got the finale of the 2017 tournament of Big East, their third title of the conference and they now go for their second national title. They have Josh Hart as the battle leader in the doubles scores and the main player. And even though the Wildcats have fewer chances according to Las Vegas, they are the first in the conference and serious candidates to the title.

Now that you know the main teams in the March Madness, you are ready to enjoy the playoffs and the action that comes with the university basket. Don’t forget to side it with your favorite food and a cool beer.

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