How to live the Super Bowl while you are on vacation in Playa Del Carmen

It is known that the passion you feel for a sport or your favorite team doesn’t go away, even during your vacations. It doesn’t matter where you are, if your team plays, you will follow it wherever you go. Being far from home is no issue anymore to stop you from enjoying the games of your team. Now, if you are thinking of going to Playa del Carmen soon and you are a fan of football, don’t worry. You won’t miss a thing because in this article we will show you the best way to live the Super Bowl while you are away in Playa del Carmen enjoying your vacations.

The main ingredients to enjoy any game are good food, drinks and proper setting. Everything that Legends Sports Bar in Playa Del Carmen has to offer to every fan in the Riviera Maya.

This sports bar is located a few meters away from the Fifth Avenue in the main center of Playa del Carmen. Easy to access because it’s also near one of the biggest avenues in Playa. This privileged location is what will let you spend a great day on the beach with your family and friends, and once the Super Bowl begins, you can go immediately to the bar and watch it as comfortably as you would in your own home.

Legends has high definition televisions and a big screen to enjoy all the action of the big finale of the NFL along the best snacks. Enjoy a good beer, chicken wings, a great variety of burgers, sandwiches and many other delicious options.

But that’s not it. Legends Sports Bar has a long experience offering the best way to live the biggest sports events in Playa del Carmen. This is because, besides the comfortable set-up, there are plenty of promos you can ask about each day. From free drinks to discounts on dishes, 2×1 and “all you can eat” promos.

Each year, Legends Sports Bar is chosen by the sports fans that visit the Riviera Maya. The 50th Super Bowl will be best lived in Legends, where they know what you are looking for. If you travel to Playa del Carmen for vacations, book and enjoy the best service and thrill only the Super Bowl has to offer.

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