Follow the games of your favorite team even on vacations!

One of the main passions in Mexico is sport and this is no different in the Riviera Maya. In one of the prettiest places in the Caribbean, you can enjoy the best sports games along the best food. If you are a fan, there’s always time to drink some beers while you watch a game, and during vacation time this is no exception. Here’s a list of the most popular sports you can enjoy while you are in Playa del Carmen.


Soccer is one of most famous games all over the globe and the FIFA World Cup is a big proof of that. In Mexico, soccer has a lot of fans and the teams in first division have many followers, not only here, other countries too. The Mexican soccer league in the last couple of years has shown a lot of improvement. Even though is not yet in their top game like others, there are many big names players playing in our teams.


One of the main passions in Mexico is boxing. Coming from a country like this, that has a long tradition in wrestling, it’s no surprise that many Mexicans follow this sport. Mexico is one of the countries with the best boxers in the world, competing for worldwide awards. This is why is so popular here, hanging out and spending some time with friends watching sports.


In third place we have baskeball. This sport has so many followers in Mexico where it has also a lot of fans of the US NBA. Many teams have passionate fans that live the games since the start of the season to the finals. It’s important to mention that in the Riviera Maya there’s a great number of tourist, many of them followers of the basketball leagues.


And last, but not least, we have futbol. A sport with many Mexican fans, for who the annual edition of the SuperBall is a big event that they follow even though they don’t enjoy sports, just because of their half time shows. It’s a tradition in some places in the Riviera Maya, to get together in a bar or pub, and watch the game while enjoying a burger or some kind of snack.

If you want to enjoy this sports event in Playa del Carmen, Legends Bar & Grill is one of the best options on the fifth avenue. Easy to access and close to the beach, Legends offer the best sports events alongside the best food. So if you are on vacations in the Riviera Maya and your team has some big game coming, come to Legends in Playa del Carmen and enjoy it in the best way you can.

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